Grands Mulets, Mont Blanc

The Grands Mulets Route is the most popular and easiest way to ski Mont Blanc, although most won’t actually ski from the summit. Its great to combine this route with a descent of the North Face of Mont Blanc if the conditions allow. Never to difficult skiing it is exposed to Serac Fall on both the approach to the hut and the summit day. Climbing the North Ridge of the Dome du Gouter is harder but you are not exposed to Serac fall on the way to the summit from the Refuge. This route should only be undertaken with good weather and stable snow conditions. Typically in condition April-June.



Day 1

From Chamonix take the Aiguille du Midi Cable Car to the Plan de l’Aiguille Mid station.  Had south towards the Aiguille du Midi north face where you can usually find a track that traverses west under the face towards the old lift station. Traverse further (beware of serac fall from the upper Glacier Rond). After meeting the Junction with the west face descent routes, drop down onto the Flat section of the Glacier des Bossons and head across it to the slopes underneath the Dome Du Gouter, sometimes with difficulty on the last section due to crevasses.   The Refuge des Grands Mulets is on the ridge to the left.  (~ 3 hours 30mins from the Plan de l’Aiguille)

Day 2

From the Refuge you have two options.

The most common route (Grands Mulets) is unfortunately very threatened by some seracs on the right hand side as you climb up.  Follow the mostly easy angled slopes that lead to the pleateau below the North Face.  This is technically quite easy but requires a steady rhythm to avoid being under the seracs for too long.

Alternatively you can climb the North Ridge of the Dome du Goutier which is steeper, less exposed but around the Alpine Grade D.  These two routes then join up to follow the top half of the Gouter Route to the summit of Mont Blanc, passing the Vallot hut which is a good place to leave skis if the conditions don’t allow you to ski from the top.  The final section on the bosses ridge can feel a little exposed.

Descent via the North Face into the Grands Mulets route is preferred and gives you the most skiing but the snow conditions on the face can be difficult.  (~8 hours round trip typical back to the Grands Mulets hut)

Follow your line of ascent back to the Plan de l’Aiguille as per day 1.





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Alpine Grade

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